Call For Competition

IPIN is pleased to announce the seventh IPIN 2020 Indoor Localization Competition. The competition is aimed at bringing together the academic and industrial research communities for evaluating different approaches and envisioning new research opportunities for the indoor localization area, where no generally accepted standards exist yet.

IPIN 2020 Indoor Localization Competition will consist of several Tracks. The competition builds on the experience of previous competitions and is based on the EvAAL framework, ensuring experience, solidity and a well-founded scientific method. In 2020 the competition hosts five different tracks:

  • Track 3: Smartphone (off-site)
  • Track 4: Foot-mounted IMU (off-site)
  • Track 5: xDR in manufacturing (off-site)
  • Track 6: On-vehicle smartphone (off-site)
  • Track 7: Channel impulse response (off-site)

Competitors calibrate their algorithms in advance using a ground truth reference database, and compete using new unreferenced data.

Track 3 - Smartphone: A pedestrian walking under realistic conditions in multi-floor buildings using data provided by a conventional smartphone. (TA updated 2020-08-07)

Track 4 - Foot-mounted IMU: A pedestrian carries PERSY (PEdestrian Reference SYstem), a state-of-the-art Inertial Navigation System producing IMU data, MAG data & GNSS data, without the help of any maps.

Track 5 - xDR in manufacturing: Workers and forklifts moving in industrial scenarios using data provided by a mobile device equivalent to a smartphone. [track site]

Track 6 - On-vehicle smartphone: A vehicle moves along an indoor and outdoor path using data provided by a smartphone fixed at the inside front.

Track 7 - Channel Impulse Response: Different objects travel through an obstructed indoor area with NLOS/LOS transitions.


The evaluation criteria for the competition, restrictions on the accepted technologies, technical rules and a description of the benchmarks are detailed in the technical annexes to this call. Announcements and possible refinements of the annexes, also based on applicants' comments, will be timely distributed on the competition discussion mailing list This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and will appear on the EvAAL web site

All the data gathered by the competition committee during the competition, including data produced by competing systems, will be published after the competition for the purpose of research and comparison. Winners of the competition will be announced on the EvAAL and IPIN web sites and on the contest mailing list.


Competitors are invited to make a short presentation of their systems to the competition online event sponsored by MDPI and Frontiers, during which winners will be announced and prizes awarded.  Attendance to the event will be free.

While the IPIN conference 2020 was cancelled, competitors can exploit several venues for publishing their results: the current IEEE Sensors special issue on “Advanced Sensors and Sensing Technologies for indoor positioning and navigation”, the forthcoming MDPI Sensors special issue on “Sensors and sensing technologies for indoor positioning and indoor navigation II” and the IPIN 2021 session which will be devoted to this competition.


A competitor can be any individual or group of individuals working as a single team, associated to a single or a number of organizations, who applies to participate in one or several tracks. Only one team from the same organisation (laboratory) is allowed to compete in any number of Tracks. Registration cost is 100€ for the first Track plus 50€ for any additional Track, to be paid online before submitting the results to the Track chairs.

Registration is open at the dedicated web page. News and updated are being posted to the contest mailing list (subscribe at

Technical annexes published: August
Data published 15 September
Submission of results and payment 30 November
Final event and prize awarding 14 December
Frontiers scientific publisher MDPI Sensors journal
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