EvAAL is a competition that aims at establishing benchmarks and evaluation metrics for comparing Ambient Assisted Living solutions.

EvAAL stands for "evaluating AAL systems through competitive benchmarking". Since 2011 we have organised one or more international competitions on specific aspects of AAL systems, with the long-term goal of evaluating complete AAL systems.

In 2015 we have two tracks, namely smartphone based positioning and Wi-Fi fingerprinting in large environments. The first one is an on-line competition and the competitors can use any sensor available on the smartphones while in the other one the competitors will have access to a large Wi-Fi fingerprint database, to which they will apply their algorithms offline. Further details are available in the Call for Competition. Proceedings to be published in the proceedings of IPIN 2015.

Purpose of Competition

The purpose of the IPIN 2015 competition was manifold. We wanted to establish a well-agreed performance evaluation method for indoor positioning systems as well as to provide opportunities for the participants to learn about the evaluating methods of positioning systems. In addition, we expected to experience many positioning techniques and compare the advantages and disadvantages of various positioning techniques.

Evaluation Process for the on-line competition

The evaluation points will be physically marked with sticky colored tape on the evaluation paths early in the morning of the competition day so that the evaluators and competitors may not pass by the evaluation points without collecting data during the evaluation. Moreover, a couple of volunteers escorted the evaluators and competitors to follow the planned paths. The evaluators and competitors will be guided to press the buttons of evaluation app at every evaluation point on the paths (see the Technical Annex for more details).



If you are simply curious or interested in how EvAAL work, you can subscribe to the low-traffic Contest mailing list, where our community shares news and views on the EvAAL competition.

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