Reference system

Measuring tracking error and identifying presence on areas of interest

The reference system is based on an actor executing a predefined script along a route marked on the floor, while following a bell sounding once per second which is synchronised with the measuring system.

You can see the details of the marks by downloading the high-definition version of the picture of the floor of the living lab.

The actor follows a predefined route. The reproducibility of the route is based on the regularity of the actor's movements. The actor puts his feet on the red and blue marks on the floor (for the right and left foot, respectively). A software metronome connected with the data collection system gives the time. The X,Y coordinates of the marks are listed in the dedicated subpages: one for the Areas of Interest, and one for each of Path1, Path2 and Path3, together with pictures illustrating the routes followed by the actor. The pages include the time coordinate, which is necessary to evaluate the accuracy score. The reference position at each chime (whole-second positions) is taken as the midpoint between the feet, while the reference position for the half-second instants between chimes is taken as the midpoint between two subsequent whole-second positions.

The procedure followed by the actor is illustrated in the video: the actor puts his feet on the mark the instant the bell chimes.

Download video

The three paths are 36, 52 48 seconds long, respectively. Each path includes some waiting points, where the actor stands still for 5 seconds.

The AoIs are squares of sides 50 cm. The actor moves along the predefined route, following the triangle marks, stopping in each AoI for 30 seconds. The total duration of the route is about 5 minutes.

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