Overall scores

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  Track 1:
Smartphone based
Reference person Affiliation 3rd quartile
Chan Gook Park Seoul National University (KR) 8.8 m
Hee-dong Son Yeungnam University (KR) 16.8 m
Yizhen Wang Xiamen University (CN) 30.8 m
Khanh Nguyen-Huu Hallym University (KR) ---
  Track 2:
Pedestrian dead reckoning
Reference person Affiliation 3rd quartile
Chuanhua Lu Kyushu University (JP) 2.0 m
Yu Liu Tianjin University (CN) 2.1 m
C.-I. Chesneau Sysnav (FR) 4.5 m
  Track 3:
Offsite smartphone based
Reference person Affiliation 3rd quartile
A. Moreira University of Minho (PT) 3.5 m
T. Lungenstrass Arara DS (CL) 3.5 m
Lu Wei Chung Yai Team (TW) 4.4 m
S. Knauth HFTS (GE) 4.5 m
R. S. Ranasinghe University of Technology, Sydney (AU) ---
T.V. Cuong INRIA and Univ. Hanoi (FR;VT) ---
  Track 4:
PDR for warehouse picking (off-site)
Reference person Affiliation C.E.
Yoshihiro Ito KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. (JP) 91.2
Kotaro Hananouchi Nagoya University (JP) 88.9
Lingxiang Zheng Xiamen University (CN) 78.4
Ho-Ti Cheng Yuan Ze University (TW) 77.9
Youngjae Lee ETRI (KR) 65.7
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