The results of the 5th EvAAL competition were announced on 15th October 2015 during the IPIN 2015 conference in Banff (CA).

Each winner of the on-site tracks (1 & 2) received a cash prize of 2000$ offered by our sponsor ETRI plus a paid invitation to keep some talks at ETRI and other venues in Korea. The winner of the off-site track (3) received a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet and accessories (Powerbank) worth 500$ offered by our sponsor UJI-INIT.

The table below shows the final scores. For those interested in the details, all the collected data are available as pictures and for download.

Track 1: Smartphone based positioning

Reference Person Affiliation 3rd Quartile
You Li MMSS U. Calgary / Wuhan (CA/CH) 6.6m
Pawel Wilk Samsung R&D (PL) 10.0m
Matteo Tomasi Zetesis (IT) -
J.C. Aguilar Herrera Navix Indoor Navigation (MX) -

Track 2: Foot-mounted pedestrian dead reckoning positioning

Reference Person Affiliation 3rd Quartile
Chan Gook Park
NESL U. Seoul (KR) 2.4m
Rinara Woo DATA Embedd Sw Tech Daegu (KR) -

Track 3: Wi-Fi fingerprinting in large environments (off-site)

Reference Person Affiliation 3rd Quartile
Adriano Moreira RTLS@UM U. Minho (PT) 8.3m
H. Jin Kim ICSL U. Seoul (KR) 10.9m
Stefan Knauth HTFloc U. Stuttgart (DE) 11.6m
Rafael Berkvens MOSAIC U. Antwerp (BE) 12.1m
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