The competition consists of two on-site and one off-site tracks, generally described in the Call for Competition.

In Track 1 "Smartphone based positioning" competitors can use any sensor available on the smartphones used, while in Track 2  "Foot-mounted pedestrian dead reckoning positioning" competitors can use MEMS sensors (inertial, compass and pressure sensors).

In the off-site Track 3 "Wi-Fi fingerprinting in large environments" competitors have access to a large Wi-Fi fingerprint database, to which they can apply their algorithms offline.

The day of the on-site competition (14 October 2015) the organizers set up the marks on the floor and then start. The day after (Thursday 15th) competitors make a presentation during the dedicated afternoon session (E4 session).

Final results are disclosed during the closing session (Friday 16th), where winners are awarded prizes offered by our sponsors and a summary of the competition is presented.

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