Name of the competing system: OwlPS

Name and email of the responsible person: François SPIES This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Signal strength measurements

Description of the information measured

The signal strength received by each of the capture points (sensors), put together by the aggregation server.



Example values

-58 dBm

Frequency of generated data in operation

Each 50-100 ms

After, for instance, 30 minutes operation you generate the following data sets (this is the information you will finally provide to evAAL together with this questionnaire in a format that must be agreed before the competition). Please provide information about the files with data (examples are, text file, or video) and format (.csv, .txt, .xls…).

  1. The log file of the aggregation server (CSV format), contains all the positioning requests sent by the mobile, and the autocalibration requests sent by the capture points. It contains the following fields: MAC address of the request's transmitter, type of the request, timestamp of the request, MAC address of the access points that captured the request, along with the signal strength measured, in dBm.

Devices: no information provided.

Download datasets
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