Name of the competing system: Device-Free Localization @ Utah (DFL @ Utah)

Name and email of the responsible person: Dr. Maurizio Bocca, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Date and place: 20.6.2012, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

How many Intermediate Data sources do you have? Between 40 and 50 ZigBee, 802.15.4 compliant wireless transceivers (the final number will be decided after a preliminary inspection of the LivingLab).

For each datasource (replicate this table as many times as you need for each data source):


Received Signal Strength (RSS)

Description of the information measured

Received Signal Strength (RSS) of the wireless nodes deployed across the LivingLab. Note that the people moving in the apartment do not need to carry any device to be localized.



Example values

In normal conditions, the RSS values range from -90 to -30 dBm. In our raw files, a 127 value corresponds to a lost packet.

Frequency of generated data in operation

The nodes transmit packets in TDMA fashion with a 3 ms interval. Thus, the system generates (#Nodes -1) RSS values once every 3 ms. Our algorithms process the RSS values and produce position estimates once an entire cycle of communication has completed. Thus, position estimates for the people found in the LivingLab are produced by our system once every (#Nodes * 3 ms) (we can expect to produce position estimates every 150 ms)

After, for instance, 30 minutes operation you generate the following data sets (this is the information you will finally provide to evAAL together with this questionnaire in a format that must be agreed before the competition). Please provide information about the files with data (examples are, text file, or video) and format (.csv, .txt, .xls…).

  1. We will provide a text file, e.g. test_LivingLab.txt, which contains one line for each packet transmitted by the nodes composing the system.
  2. Each line contains: a packet counter (the first 2 Bytes), the ID number of the transmitting node (3rd Byte), the RSS values of the packets previously transmitted by all the other nodes and received by the node identified by the 3rd Byte (from the 4th Byte to the 4th + # Nodes Byte), the communication channel used by the nodes (this value range from 11 to 26).


-          Test_LivingLab.txt


Device name


Position in LLab (x,y,z) in meters



Communication means to your system



(0.5, 0.7, 2.56)

Person moves nearby

0(no movement )

1 (movement)

Konnex Bus



(13, 9, 2.56)

Person moves nearby

0(no movement )

1 (movement)




(13, 9, 2)



IP network

Download datasets

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