Maps and Video


October 4-7, 2016 - University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain


The Path

As a general indication of what a path may look like, the actor starts inside one of the buildings, goes on along the corridors and possibly rooms, then changes floor, walks again along corridors and possibly rooms, then possibly moves to a different building and does the same there.  You can expect a total lenght of 300-600 m and a total walking time of 10-20 min. This is a rough description intended to give you a flavour of what a path may look like.  The whole UAH building is accessible to competitors.

A video showing a simulation of the measurement process during the competition:

The  Maps and The Location

The location of the competition is  the  University of Alcalá.


We provide to the competitors the maps showing the parts of the building where the competition relative to tracks 1 & 2 will take place. A calibration file is also included and it indicates:

  1. the filename of the bitmap
  2. the floor number (e.g. -2, 0, 3)
  3. the Building number (e.g. 1, 2, 3)
  4. Latidude (in degrees) of image center,
  5. Longitude (in degrees) of image center,
  6. Rotation (in degrees) of image to be aligned to the geometric north
  7. Scale (meters/pixel).

Usable area

The usable area for the competition are here reported, please refer to the following map which shows how the building is divided into sectors.

  • Ground floor (0): red sector (West) plus the area in the middle.
  • First floor (1): red sector
  • Second floor (2): red and blue sectors
  • Third floor (3): red sector


We will use the common areas (corridors, stairs, lifts) and the round open area at the ground floor.  For track 2, lifts will not be used.

We provide Qgis georeferenced maps where the usable areas are marked with an orange pattern. The usable areas are also visible in the following images. The two lifts and the spiral staircase in the center are part of the usable area on all floors.

P0:   P1:
P2:   P3:

List of Access Points 

Outdated maps of the positions of APs in the building are provided as a convenience to competitiors. These maps are by no means complete, but we hope they are useful as a starting point for competitors surveying the area.

We observed that the typical number of different MACs within most access points is 2. For example congresos  with MAC  04:bd:88:0d:56:c0 and eduroam  with MAC  04:bd:88:0d:56:c1  appear to belong to the same AP. Consequently we estimate that around 170 different APs are visible from one quarter of the building, and a total of around 500 different AP are installed in the whole UAH building, where the competition takes place.

The list is provided for information only: it is not meant to be exhaustive nor updated. No information is available about the position of APs. The competitors can survey the area by them selves or with the assistance of staff during 3 October, the day preceding the competition.

depeca 00:07:40:9f:14:71
LE-34 00:12:17:49:7e:05
E31 00:12:17:49:7e:a4
educere 00:13:ef:74:06:26
E24 00:14:bf:b2:32:9a
COVE 00:16:01:98:2b:1c
e23 00:18:39:d3:af:02
matematicasUAH_2 00:18:e7:da:7f:2f
DS-238 00:1a:2b:2c:8f:8a
matematicasUAH 00:1c:f0:62:62:d3
BUFALOTSC 00:1d:73:de:30:1d
LuTze 00:1f:f3:c4:c8:c3
TC-06 00:1f:f3:c4:d6:8c
MAPI 00:90:4c:49:00:2c
GxMax 00:c0:ca:7d:c3:6a
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:56:c0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:56:c1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:56:d0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:56:d1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:59:c0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:59:c1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:59:d0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:59:d1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:5b:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:5b:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:5b:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:5b:b1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:5f:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:5f:61
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:5f:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:5f:71
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:6c:31
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:6c:e0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:6c:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:6c:f0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:6c:f1
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:6e:e0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:6e:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:6e:e2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:6e:e3
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:6e:f0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:6e:f1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:6e:f2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:6e:f3
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:72:c0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:72:c1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:72:d0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:72:d1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:77:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:77:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:77:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:77:b1
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:8f:03
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:95:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:95:81
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:95:82
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:95:83
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:95:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:95:91
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:95:92
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:95:93
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:98:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:98:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:98:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:98:11
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:99:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:99:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:99:02
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:99:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:99:11
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:99:12
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:9b:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:9b:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:9b:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:9b:b1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:9f:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:9f:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:9f:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:9f:11
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:a5:e0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:a5:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:a5:e2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:a5:e3
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:a5:f0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:a5:f1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:a5:f2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:a5:f3
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:ac:20
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:ac:21
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:ac:30
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:ac:31
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:b1:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:b1:61
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:b1:62
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:b1:63
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:b3:40
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:b3:41
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:b3:50
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:b3:51
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:b4:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:b4:61
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:b4:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:b4:71
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:b7:81
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:bb:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:bb:02
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:bb:03
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:bd:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:bd:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:bd:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:bd:11
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:bd:c1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:bd:c2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:bd:c3
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:bf:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:bf:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:bf:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:bf:11
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:c0:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:c0:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:c0:a2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:c0:a3
info-uah 04:bd:88:0d:c0:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:c0:b1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:c0:b2
rectorado 04:bd:88:0d:c0:b3
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:c3:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:c3:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:c3:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:c3:11
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:c4:c0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:c4:c1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:c4:d0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:c4:d1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:cd:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:cd:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:cd:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:cd:b1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d0:20
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d0:21
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d0:30
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d0:31
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d0:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d0:81
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d0:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d0:91
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d8:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d8:01
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d8:40
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d8:41
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d8:50
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d8:51
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d9:40
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d9:41
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d9:50
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d9:51
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d9:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d9:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:d9:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:d9:b1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:db:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:db:61
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:db:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:db:71
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:dc:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:dc:81
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:dc:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:dc:91
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:df:61
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:f1:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:f1:81
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:f1:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:f1:91
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:f6:20
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:f6:21
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:f6:30
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:f6:31
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:f7:e0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:f7:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:0d:f7:f0
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:f7:f1
eduroam 04:bd:88:0d:fe:81
eduroam 04:bd:88:0e:0c:e1
info-uah 04:bd:88:0e:0d:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:0e:0d:81
congresos 04:bd:88:0e:0d:82
rectorado 04:bd:88:0e:0d:83
info-uah 04:bd:88:0e:0f:40
eduroam 04:bd:88:0e:0f:41
congresos 04:bd:88:0e:0f:42
rectorado 04:bd:88:0e:0f:43
info-uah 04:bd:88:0e:0f:50
eduroam 04:bd:88:0e:0f:51
congresos 04:bd:88:0e:0f:52
rectorado 04:bd:88:0e:0f:53
congresos 04:bd:88:4f:fb:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:4f:fb:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:38:20
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:38:21
congresos 04:bd:88:50:38:30
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:38:31
congresos 04:bd:88:50:3d:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:3d:01
congresos 04:bd:88:50:3d:10
congresos 04:bd:88:50:3d:c0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:3d:c1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:3d:d0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:3d:d1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:3f:e0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:3f:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:40:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:40:01
congresos 04:bd:88:50:40:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:40:11
congresos 04:bd:88:50:40:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:40:61
congresos 04:bd:88:50:40:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:40:71
congresos 04:bd:88:50:42:e0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:42:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:42:f0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:42:f1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:43:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:43:61
congresos 04:bd:88:50:43:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:43:71
congresos 04:bd:88:50:46:40
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:46:41
congresos 04:bd:88:50:46:50
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:46:51
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:46:81
Portal_Invitados-UAH 04:bd:88:50:46:82
congresos 04:bd:88:50:46:83
info-uah 04:bd:88:50:46:84
prueba_rad2 04:bd:88:50:46:85
congresos 04:bd:88:50:48:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:48:81
congresos 04:bd:88:50:48:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:48:91
congresos 04:bd:88:50:49:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:49:81
congresos 04:bd:88:50:49:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:49:91
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4a:20
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4a:21
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4a:30
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4a:31
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4a:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4a:61
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4b:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4b:61
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4b:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4b:71
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4b:80
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4b:81
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4b:90
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4b:91
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4b:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4b:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4b:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4b:b1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4d:00
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4d:01
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4d:10
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4d:11
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4d:40
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4d:41
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4d:a0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4d:a1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4d:b0
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4d:b1
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4d:e1
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4e:60
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4e:61
congresos 04:bd:88:50:4e:70
eduroam 04:bd:88:50:4e:71
Orange-1385 24:db:ac:3e:13:85
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b2:70
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b2:71
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b2:78
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b2:79
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b5:60
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b5:61
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b5:68
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b5:69
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b6:80
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b6:81
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b6:88
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b6:89
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b6:a0
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b6:a1
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b6:a8
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b6:a9
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b7:00
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b7:01
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b7:08
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b7:09
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b7:c0
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b7:c1
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b7:c8
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b7:c9
info-uah 24:de:c6:61:b7:d0
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b7:d1
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b7:d2
info-uah 24:de:c6:61:b7:d8
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b7:d9
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b7:da
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b8:10
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b8:11
info-uah 24:de:c6:61:b8:12
congresos 24:de:c6:61:b8:18
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:b8:19
info-uah 24:de:c6:61:b8:1a
congresos 24:de:c6:61:be:10
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:be:11
congresos 24:de:c6:61:be:40
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:be:41
congresos 24:de:c6:61:be:48
eduroam 24:de:c6:61:be:49
Deja Fu 28:cf:da:b4:a4:ef
Deja Fu 28:cf:da:b4:a4:f0
DIRECT-rJM2020 Series 32:cd:a7:94:50:35
DN201 38:2c:4a:67:e7:e8
DN201 38:2c:4a:67:e7:ec
Red de S31 5c:96:9d:65:b1:6d
Red de S31 5c:96:9d:65:b1:6e
Red Wi-Fi de Inma 5c:96:9d:66:34:3d
fsw 60:c5:47:23:a1:7d
DIRECT-6a-HP M426 LaserJet 62:6d:c7:27:b7:6a
depeca_lab 64:70:02:92:13:02
Chaiman_Only_Sync 70:73:cb:b6:58:3f
Chaiman_Only_Sync 5GHz 70:73:cb:b6:58:40
erle-brain2 74:da:38:55:7b:2f
capta-wlan c0:c1:c0:18:4d:12
Catedra_SIODT_planificando c8:be:19:62:a3:ee
TP-LINK_BA9F02 f4:ec:38:ba:9f:02

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