The official IPIN program contains further detail


Sunday 2nd: Survey

Competitors have the whole day to survey the whole area and make the necessary measurements and set-up.

Should you need to get into the building on Sunday, please send name and ID/Passport number to Jesús Ureña < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > for per-person authorization as soon as possible.

Monday 3rd: Registration and warm-up

On Monday, a room in the University of Alcalá is available to us, with desks and power bars. Competitors have the whole day to test their systems on-site, solve possible software integration problems with the help of the organisers, survey the whole area and make the necessary measurements and set-up. The building is open 7.45-21.15. We will put on the ground some fake reference points with coordinates so that competitors are able to make a realistic test from the ground up. We will decide the meeting point for the next day.

Tuesday 4th: IPIN competition

The day of the on-site competitions: we set up the marks on the floor and then start. All Track 1 and Track 2 competitors are required to be present at 9.30 at the competition meeting point. Track 3 competitors are welcome to attend the on-site competition. 

Thursday 6th: IPIN competition presentations

All competitors present their system during the dedicated afternoon sessions.

Friday 7th: Results

During the closing session we will announce the results and award the prizes to winners of the IPIN competition

Competitors using the Android-based measurement application 


Ensure that your laptop is properly configured with:

  1. Android Studio
  2. ADB driver needed in order to upload APK and to debug code on your the Smart Phone
  3. Latest version of the StepLogger application
  4. Smart Phone configured with : your localization application up and running +  StepLogger application up and running; check that the StepLogger app logs the two needed files: positions.log and buttonPressed.log as described in the software specification page.
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