Winners of the EVAAL2012 COMPETITION. See the results ...


The final score of the EVAAL 2012 COMPETION was announced 25th September in Eindhoven, during the AAL Forum:

Localization track 

Rank Team Name Final Score Reference Person Affiliation


CAR 7.70

Antonio Ramón Jiménez Ruiz

Centre for Automation and Robotics, Spain


CPS Group @ Utah 7.45 Maurizio Bocca

University of Utah, U.S.A.


OwlPS 6.29 Matteo Cypriani

Institute Femto-st, France

4  Smart-Condo 5.41

Julia Vlasenko

University of Alberta, Canada
5  LOCOSmotion 5.23

Ngewi Fet

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

6 iLocPlus 4.86 Stefan Knauth

Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and iHomeLab, germany

6 Grupo TAIS 4.22

A. Verónica Medina

University of Sevilla, Spain

Activity recognition track

Rank Team Name Final Score Reference Person Affiliation


AMEVA 7.39

Luis Miguel Soria Morillo

University of Seville, Spain


CMU @ Utah 6.49 Jin Hyuk Hong

Carnegie Mellon University - Human computer Interaction, USA


CHIBA 3.52 Wenwei Yu

Chiba University, Japan

4 SenseCam 2.98

Na Li

Dublin City University, Ireland
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