IPIN competition 2023

The following data are relative to offsite tracks, which use the EvaalAPI.

Track 3: Smartphone (offsite-online)

Training data, testing trial data is be provided to registered competitors and made public after the compeititon.

Track 4: Foot-mounted IMU (offsite-online)

Testing trial 1: calibration data, testing trial data. These are the same as in 2021.

Testing trial 2: calibration data, testing trial data

Scoring calibration data is the same as for Testing trial 2.

Track 5: Smartphone (offsite-offline)

Testing trial data is provided to registered competitors. The Track 5 website contains all details.

Track 6: Smartphone on vehicle (offsite-online)

Testing trial data.

Track 7: 5G CIR (offsite-online)

Anchor positioning, training data, testing trial data.

Track 8: 5G in open-plan office (offsite-online)

Anchor coordinates and testing trial data.

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