Name of the competing system: SenseCam

Name and email of the responsible person: Na Li, Dublin City University , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Date and place: 6/21/2012,

Data sources

For each datasource the following table is fulfilled:


Digital camera

Description of the information measured

It include multiple sensors, these sensors are monitored by the camera’s microcontroller, and changes in sensor readings can be used to automatically trigger the camera shutter.


Image size around 30k bytes

Example values

00119075.jpg (480x640 pixles)

Frequency of generated data in operation

It captured images automatically every 30 seconds, the maximum rate is every 5 seconds.



After, for instance, 30 minutes operation the competitor generates the following data sets:

  1. An array of arrays that include: [time, images, accelerometer, version of firmware, filename, system information, temperature sensor, colour light sensor, passive infrared, detector, battery]


-          Csv format.

Devices used during benchmark

Device name


Position in LLab (x,y,z) in meters

Position in user



Communication means to your system


Digital Camara

Worn by actor


Light (a camera)

Array and images.

USB not in real time. All of them acquired and algorithm not working in real time.

Download datasets

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