Winners of the EVAAL COMPETITION. See the results ...


The final score of the EVAAL COMPETION was announced last 27th September in Lecce, Italy, during the AAL Forum:

Rank Team Name Final Score Reference Person Affiliation


n-Core 7.14 Dante I. Tapia University of Salamanca


AIT 5.90 Thomas Fuxreiter AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GbmH


iLOC 4.98 Stefan Knauth Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences
4 OWLPS 4.85 Matteo Cypriani University of Franche-Comte, France
5 GEDES-UGR 4.00 Tomás Ruiz-López University of Granada, Spain
6 SNTUmicro 3.17 Igor Shirokov Sevastopol National Technical University
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