[evaal contest] Two questions on deploying a system for track1 (localization)

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Fri Jun 22 17:22:35 CEST 2012

>1. Does the competition allow measuring with more precision the
>   coordinates of some of the objects found in the LivingLab (e.g.,
>   kitchen appliances, table and chairs, etc.) before the actual 1-hour
>   slot reserved for the deployment of the system?

We have not any precedent on this, so the TPC should decide.  However,
my opinion (as a localization TPC member) is that all teams should use
the information we have on the web site, and anything beyond that should
be measured during the one-hour deployment time frame.

>2. Is it possible to measure the coordinates at which the sensors will
>   be deployed and eventually mark them before the actual 1-hour slot
>   reserved for the deployment? (in this way, during the 1-hour
>   deployment slot, one will have to only enter the LivingLab and
>   position the sensors, instead of first measuring their coordinates
>   and then position them).

We do have precedent on this.  During the past edition, teams needing
those measurements took them during the one-hour installation time
frame.  My opinion is that it was a well balanced policy, and should
be kept the same.

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