[evaal contest] Two questions on deploying a system for track1 (localization)

Paolo Barsocchi paolo.barsocchi at isti.cnr.it
Mon Jun 25 11:45:55 CEST 2012

Dear Maurizio, all localization competitors

The final decisions regarding your questions are:

>>1. Does the competition allow measuring with more precision the
>>   coordinates of some of the objects found in the LivingLab (e.g.,
>>   kitchen appliances, table and chairs, etc.) before the actual 1-hour
>>   slot reserved for the deployment of the system?

No, it is not possible. All teams must use the information we have
on the web site, and anything beyond that should be measured during
the one-hour deployment time frame.

>>2. Is it possible to measure the coordinates at which the sensors will
>>   be deployed and eventually mark them before the actual 1-hour slot
>>   reserved for the deployment? (in this way, during the 1-hour
>>   deployment slot, one will have to only enter the LivingLab and
>>   position the sensors, instead of first measuring their coordinates
>>   and then position them).

No it is not possible. You must take those measurements during
the one-hour installation time frame.

Best regards,
Paolo Barsocchi


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