[evaal contest] Indoor Localization Competition Track 1

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Sat Apr 29 11:03:15 CEST 2017

Igor Gilitschenski:
>>> Do you means that the 3D camera and Tango SDK, which aleady includes the
>>> location API, can be used if it no use the google online service?

Francesco Potortì:
>> Unless there is something obvious that I'm missing, they fall well
>> within the scope of Track 1: it's a commercial phone and it does not use
>> remote services.

>The point is that the Sensor payload of the Phab 2 Pro significantly
>differs from the average commercial smartphone. Additionally to an RGB
>camera, it has a depth sensor and a Fisheye camera on its back making it
>more suitable for motion estimation.

In principle, there is no reason why any sensor should not be used.

But using a camera requires you to keep the phone in a specific
position, which may be against the rules of Track 1.  So if anyone is
interesed in asking if a specific app is compliant with the rules of
Track 1, some details should be given so that track chairs can give an

In any case, rules are not written on stone and may be changed if that
makes the competition more interesting and challenging.  So if people
want to suggest changes for any track, this is the place to discuss

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