[evaal contest] Indoor Localization Competition Track 1

Igor Gilitschenski igilitschenski at ethz.ch
Fri Apr 28 13:57:14 CEST 2017

Dear all,

On 28.04.17 12:57, Francesco Potortì wrote:
>> Do you means that the 3D camera and Tango SDK, which aleady includes the
>> location API, can be used if it no use the google online service?
> Unless there is something obvious that I'm missing, they fall well
> within the scope of Track 1: it's a commercial phone and it does not use
> remote services.
The point is that the Sensor payload of the Phab 2 Pro significantly
differs from the average commercial smartphone. Additionally to an RGB
camera, it has a depth sensor and a Fisheye camera on its back making it
more suitable for motion estimation.
> I suspect, however, that most functionalities of the SDK are disabled
> when you are offline.
Functionalities with regard to making use of the aforementioned sensors
do not require any internet connection.

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