Maps and Video

September 16-17, 2017 - Conference Hall, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

The Path

As a general indication of what a path may look like, the actor walks along the corridors and possibly rooms, then changes floor, walks again along corridors and possibly rooms. You can expect a total lenght of 300-600 m and a total walking time of 10-20 min. This is a rough description intended to give you a flavour of what a path may look like. The whole building is accessible to competitors.

A video showing a simulation of the measurement process during the track 1 competition:

Maps and location

The location of the competition is the Conference Hall of Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

external view of Hokkaido University 1st floor map of the Conference Hall Hokkaido University 2nd floor map of the Conference Hall Hokkaido University

We provide to the competitors the georeferenced maps showing the parts of the building where the competitions relative to tracks 1 & 2 will take place.

Usable area

The usable area for the competition are here reported:

1st floor areas 2nd floor areas

Floor Heights

Additional information about floor heights and photos area available as .PDF file: floorhights.pdf

Wi-Fi access points MAC and SSID

AP Location Floor SSID MAC
AP1 1 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c4:a1
AP1 1 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c4:a1
AP2 1 HINES-WLAN a0:d3:c1:9e:5c:e2
AP2 1 eduroam a0:d3:c1:9e:5c:e1
AP3 1 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c4:ff
AP3 1 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c4:ff
AP4 1 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c4:a5
AP4 1 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c4:a5
AP5 1 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c4:fb
AP5 1 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c4:fb
AP6 1 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c3:78
AP6 1 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c3:78
AP7 1 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c3:d2
AP7 1 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c3:d2
AP8 2 HINES-WLAN a0:d3:c1:b1:7c:e2
AP8 2 eduroam a0:d3:c1:b1:7c:e1
AP9 2 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c3:75
AP9 2 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c3:75
AP10 2 HINES-WLAN 06:90:c7:fe:c3:cf
AP10 2 eduroam 06:90:c7:fe:c3:cf
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