The official IPIN program contains further detail


Tuesday 13th: Registration and warm-up

On Tuesday, room 310 in the KCCI building is available to us, with desks and power bars. Competitors have the whole day to test their systems on-site, solve possible software integration problems with the help of the EvAAL organisers, survey the whole area and make the necessary measurements and set-up.  We will put on the ground some fake reference points with coordinates so that competitors are able to make a realistic test from the gound up.  We will decide the meeting point for the next day.

During P1 plenary session we will present the 5th EvAAL-ETRI competition

Wednesday 14th: EvAAL-ETRI competition

The day of the on-site competition: we set up the marks on the floor and then start.  All Track 1 and Track 2 competitors are required to be present at 9.30 at the competition meeting point. Track 3 competitors are welcome to attend the on-site competition. Room 310 in the KCCI building is still available to us.

Thursday 15th: EvAAL-ETRI competition

All competitors ar requested to make a presentation during the dedicated afternoon session.

During E4 session the EvAAL-ETRI competitors have to present their papers

During the closing session we will announce the winners of the 5th EvAAL-ETRI competition

Friday 16th: Results

During the closing session we will present results from EvAAL-ETRI competition



Competitors using the Android-based measurment application 


Arrive at the EvAAL-ETRI competition with a laptop properly configured with:

  1. Android Studio
  2. ADB driver needed in order to upload APK and to debug code on your the Smart Phone
  3. Latest version of the StepLogger application (
  4. Smart Phone configured with : your localization application up and running +  StepLogger application up and running

Please chech tat StepLogger application logs the two needed files: poistions.log and buttonPressed.log as described in the software specification page. 











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