[evaal contest] 2019 IPIN Technical description from MITLab

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Dear track chairs,


        We fixed some format error, the attachment is the newest version.




Jun-Bang, Jiang


Mobilizing Information Technology Lab (EE-705-6),

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering,

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

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Subject: 2019 IPIN Technical description from MITLab


Dear track chairs,


We are Mobilizing Information Technology Laboratory (MITLab) from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

The attachment is the description of our proposed indoor positioning system.

Hope we can participate in the competition.



Best regards, 




Shao-Yung Huang(黃少鏞)

Phone 0988-890-623

Extension 02-2733-3141 #7214 


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