[evaal contest] [localization] some detail on phase 3

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Tue Jun 26 08:48:38 CEST 2012

Dear competitors and all,

I have received some requestes for clarification with regard to the
recently diffused details that I mention below.  I add more information
at the end of this mail.

If anything is still unclear, please do not hesitate to ask.  The
preferred way of asking is by sending email to this list.

>Following are some added details regarding phase 3 of tests, when in
>addition to the person to be localised (the actor), a "disturbing"
>person (the disturber) will be in the room as well.
>1. There is no requirement of localising the disturber.
>2. Only the actor can carry equipment provided by the competitor.
>3. The actor will start moving at least 5 seconds before the disturber.
>4. Both the actor and the disturber may generate contextual events: if any,
>   the first such event will be generated by the actor.
>5. When the disturber generates an event, if any, the actor will be at
>   least 2 metres away.

With regard to point 1), not only there is no requirement, but there is
no option either: information sent by the competing systems should be
relative to the actor only.  All coordinates and AoI data sent by
competing system will be intepreted as being relative to the actor.

With regard to point 5), the competing system should make no assumption
as to the distance between the actor and the disturber, in general.  We
only guarantee that, if the disturber generates a contextual event,
which will not necessarily happen, then in that moment the distance
between the actor and the disturber will be greater than 2 metres.

For all competitors, all tests will be repeated twice.  So the actor
(and the disturber, during phase 3) will repeat each path twice, and the
competing system will measure each path twice.  For each path,
availability and accuracy of the two tests will be measured, and only
the test with the best overall score will be considered.

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