[evaal contest] deadline moved -- Call for Competition on Localization and Activity Recognition

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Wed Apr 4 19:05:06 CEST 2012

       Deadline postponed by one week because of Easter holidays.

			Second EvAAL Competition
       (Evaluating AAL Systems through Competitive Benchmarking)

	   Track 1: Indoor Localization and Tracking for AAL
			     2-6 July, 2012
			       Madrid, ES

		 Track 2: Activity Recognition for AAL
			    9-13 July, 2012
			      Valencia, ES

		   in conjunction with the AAL Forum
		 (24-27 September 2012, Eindhoven, NL)


 An initiative supported by the AALOA community (http://www.aaloa.org)
    organised by the universAAL project (http://www.universAAL.org)

We are pleased to announce the second EvAAL Competition. EvAAL aims at
bringing together academic and industrial research communities to work
together on challenging open problems in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL),
with the purpose of evaluating different approaches to AAL and
envisioning new research opportunities.

The universAAL project organises EvAAL as an opportunity to find good
solutions to a number of challenges in the AAL domain. Participating in
the competition is also an opportunity to influence the universAAL
project. Being EvAAL an AALOA project, the AAL community is involved
from the beginning and will have the opportunity of taking over EvAAL
after the conclusion of universAAL.

During the competition, we will collect data sets in realistic
environments (the living labs), which we hope will be useful as
benchmarks to researcher communities for the simulation and test of
their solutions.

The competition is composed of two tracks and a final workshop:
- Track 1 on Indoor Localization and Tracking for AAL, to be held on the
  2-6 July, 2012 at the Smart House Living Lab of the Polytechnic
  University of Madrid, Spain

- Track 2 on Activity Recognition for AAL, to be held on the 9-13 July,
  2012 at the CIAmI Living Lab in Valencia, Spain

- EvAAL workshop to be held in conjunction with the AAL Forum on the
  24-27 September 2012, Eindhoven, NL (http://www.aalforum.eu/).

Track 1 - Indoor Localization and Tracking for AAL

Localization is a key component for achieving context-awareness. Recent
years have witnessed an increasing trend of location-based services and
applications. In most cases, however, location information is limited by
the accessibility to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), largely
unavailable for indoor environments. The aim of this competition is to
award the best indoor localization system from the point of view of
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications.

Track 2 - Activity Recognition for AAL

The automatic and unobtrusive identification of user's activities is one
of the challenging goals of context-aware computing. Real-time
monitoring of human activities could be a useful tool for many purposes
and future applications such as lifelog, healthcare or entertainment.
The aim of this competition is to award the best activity recognition
system from the point of view of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)


Candidate competitors are invited to submit a paper describing their
system to the appropriate track. A "competitor" can be any individual or
group of individuals working as a single team, associated to a single or
a number of organisations. The papers will undergo a peer review by the
technical program committee members. The papers must include a
description of the hardware, deployment, and algorithms and protocols
used, and the description of the internal data produced and processed by
the system.

Formatted papers, not exceeding 4 pages, must be submitted by April 8th,
2012 to <https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=evaal2012>.
Proceeding of EvAAL 2011 are being published with Springer's CCIS.
Contacts for publishing proceedings of EvAAL 2012 are under way.

The evaluation criteria for the competition, restrictions on the
accepted technologies, and a description of the benchmarks are detailed
in the technical annexes of this call (see notes below). Possible
refinements of the annexes, also based on participating competitors
comments, will be timely distributed to all participants.

Depending on the number of accepted papers, it may be necessary to
restrict participation in the competition to the best ranked papers, due
to space/logistic constraints at the Living Labs.

Selected competitors are admitted to the competition and inclusion of
their paper in the proceeding under the three following conditions:

1. participate to the competition in July at the living lab hosting the
   track to which they participate; the organizers will set individual
   appointments for each competing team
2. present their work at the final EvAAL workshop that will be held in
   conjunction with the AAL Forum, (24-27 September 2012,Eindhoven,NL)
3. provide the organizers with the internal data produced by their systems
   during the competition as will be specified by the reviewers; provide
   the documentation describing the deployment of their system, as
   requested by the organizers: the data will be published on the EvAAL

The winner(s) of the competition will be announced at a special session
of the AAL forum, a major event in the field of Ambient Assisted Living
in Europe. A prize will be awarded to the best entries.

We encourage submissions from both academia and industry (there are no
restrictions on the composition of competing teams) with the aim of
seeking innovative localization and activity recognition solutions for
AAL applications.  Please check the EvAAL web site (http://evaal.aaloa.org)
for more information and regular updates on progress with the

Contact: info at evaal.aaloa.org
Submission: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=evaal2012

Important Dates
Paper Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2012
Acceptance Notification:      May 4th, 2012
Camera Ready Deadline:      June 30th, 2012

Organizing Committee:
General Chair
   Stefano Chessa, University of Pisa and ISTI-CNR (IT)
Local Committee co-Chairs:
   Juan Carlos Narajo Martinez, ITACA (ES)
   Dario Salvi, Polytecnic University of Madrid (ES)
Publication co-Chairs:
   Reiner Wichert, Fraunhofer IGD (DE)
   Stefan Knauth, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (DE)
Publicity co-Chairs:
   Casper Dhal Marcussen, Region Syddanmark (DK)
   Francesco Potortì, ISTI-CNR (IT)
Dataset Management Chair:
   Juan Pablo Lazaro, TSB Soluciones Tecnologicas (ES)
Software Tools Chair:
   Dario Salvi, Polytecnic University of Madrid (ES)
Financial Chair:
   Francesco Furfari, ISTI-CNR (IT)

Track 1 Technical Program Committee (Indoor Localization for AAL)

Chair: Paolo Barsocchi, ISTI-CNR (IT)

   Adriano Moreira, University of Minho (PT)
   Ivan Martinovic, University of Oxford (UK) 
   Rainer Mautz, ETH (CH)
   Binghao Li, University of New South Wales (AU)
   Neal Patwari, University of Utah (US)
   Cesar Benavente-Peces, Polytechnic Univ. of Madrid (ES)
   Dante I. Tapia, University of Salamanca (ES)
   Hanke Sten, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AT)
   Francesco Furfari, CNR-ISTI (IT)
   Stefan Knauth, Stuttgart University (DE)
   Tomás Ruiz-López, University of Granada (ES)
   Andreas Braun, Fraunhofer Institute (DE)
   Patricial Abril, Polytechnic University of Madrid (ES)
   Francesco Potortì, CNR-ISTI (IT)
   Ma Pilar Sala Soriano, Polytechnic Univ. of Valencia (ES) 
   Michele Girolami, CNR-ISTI (IT)
   Filipe Meneses, University of Minho (PT)
   Philippe Canalda, Femto-ST Institute UMR CNRS (FR)
   Dario Salvi, Polytechnic University of Madrid (ES)

Track 2 Technical Program Committee (Activity Recognition for AAL)

Chair: Juan Antonio Álvarez García, Universidad de Sevilla (ES)

   Alessio Micheli, University of Pisa (IT)
   Alexander Kroener, DFKI (DE)
   Arantxa Rentería, Tecnalia (ES)
   Cecilio Angulo, Technical University of Catalonia (ES)
   Daniel Roggen, ETHZ (CH)
   Diane J. Cook, Washington State University (US)
   Francesco Furfari, CNR-ISTI (IT)
   Francesco Potortì, CNR-ISTI (IT)
   Juan Carlos Augusto, University of Ulster (UK)
   Kazuya Murao, Kobe University (JP)
   Mohammad-Reza (Saied) Tazari, Fraunhofer IGD (DE)
   Reiner Wichert, Fraunhofer IGD (DE)
   Roberta Giannantonio, Telecom Italia (IT)
   Roozbeh Jafari, University of Texas at Dallas (US)
   Stefano Chessa, University of Pisa (IT)


(1) Competitors will be requested to interface their systems with the
    measurement tools (provided by universAAL project) that will be used
    in the competition. To this purpose there will be a shepherding
    phase in which the EvAAL organizer will help competitors to
    implement this integration.

(2) Evaluation criteria for the competition, restrictions on the
    accepted technologies, and a description of the benchmarks are found
    in the technical annexes of this call. Refinements of technical
    annexes based on competitors requests will be timely distributed to
    all participants. Both technical annexes (one for the localization
    track and one for the activity recognition track) are available at:


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