[evaal contest] Tracks 1 & 2 usable areas

Fetzer, Toni toni.fetzer at fhws.de
Sun Oct 2 17:44:57 CEST 2016

Hi Francesco,

i double checked the maps and it seems there are some false

You say:

    Ground floor (0): red sector (West) plus the area in the middle.
    First floor (1): red sector
    Second floor (2): red and blue sectors
    Third floor (3): red sector

with that nice picture included. Could it be, that the floorplan is
mirrored? the red sector seems to match the eastern part of the
provided maps in uah-calibrated-maps.zip. I have marked it in a
screenshot included to this mail. 

I just want to double check that we are at the upper left corner of the
provided maps. Not at the big entrance hall. 

see you soon!


On Sun, 2016-10-02 at 11:09 +0200, Francesco Potortì wrote:
> Dear competitors in tracks 1 & 2,
> today we are surveying the areas for the competition.  After having
> had
> a look around, it turns out that we DON'T need to use the six rooms
> marked as usable in the maps.  Additionally, it turns out that it is
> necessary to USE the two lifts and the spiral staircase between the
> red
> and blue sectors of the building.
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