[evaal contest] Call for collaborative measurements of AP locations for IPIN'16 competition track 1

Zhongliang Zhao zhao at inf.unibe.ch
Tue Aug 30 12:21:43 CEST 2016

Dear all,

We're from the CDS research group of University of Bern, and we'll be 
participating the track 1.
Our approach requires the AP location information, however, it seems 
that this can't be provided by the local organizer.

Therefore, we would like to ask is there any other team also require 
this information? If yes, maybe we could collaboratively divide the 
workload to measure the AP locations. According to 
http://evaal.aaloa.org/2016/tracks-1-2-info, there are around 500 AP 
deployed on-site, which is impossible to measure their locations in one 
day by one team.

In case you have the similar request, and being interested in my 
proposal, please drop me an email to discuss this issue: zhao at inf.unibe.ch

We will only share the measured AP location information to teams that 
are voluntarily participated in this activity.

Best regards,
Zhongliang Zhao

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