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Wed Aug 3 09:25:46 CEST 2016

Dear Competition (Track) Chair,

I would like to thank you your effort organizing the IPIN2016 competition.

At this stage we are receiving questions related to the competitors' registration. Please consider the following when you are informing the teams:

1. Each team should provide a paper describing its work. This paper will be included in the conference proceedings. As you know, there are two types of submissions: regular paper or work-in-progress. Although both types of submissions will get a peer review, the regular paper submission follows a slower process, as it will be submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library (if it is accepted). For both types of submissions, the authors should follow the guidelines published on the website (http://www3.uah.es/ipin2016/author_ins.php).
Although the deadline for submitting this paper is the 10th of September, we would need to know the title of the paper and the authors, in order to include it in our tentative conference program. Please encourage your teams to do this as soon as possible, as we need to publish the final program the first week of September.

2. For participating in the competition, it is required at least a full registration per team (for the team leader). If more than one person per team is attending the conference, there are different registration options for the additional team members. If these team members wish to attend the whole conference (plenary sessions, parallel sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, gala dinner, etc.) they should get a reduced registration (for example a student registration even if they are not students). If they are only interested in the competition, then they can register as "Accompanying person" jointly when the team leader is getting the full registration. In this case, the team leader can get extra tickets for social activities (welcome cocktail, gala dinner). If the teams have questions related to this issue, they should contact our technical secretariat at ipin2016 at fgua.es.

There is another detail that you should consider organizing your competition track. For the competition, we have planned to use the 4th of October (if it is required, it could be used as well the 5th of October, in parallel with the poster presentation -from 16:00 on). The teams should do their presentations in the corresponding sessions the 6th of October. If you send us your competition schedule, we can include it in the conference program to inform the participants.

Please, do not hesitate to ask if you need further information.

Thanks again for your contribution to the success of IPIN2016.

Best regards,

Jesús Ureña
General co-Chair

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