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Michele Girolami michele.girolami at isti.cnr.it
Fri Oct 2 09:57:28 CEST 2015

Dear You,

I cannot understand your sentence:

"I have added the StepLoggerClient into my project and now it work well 
on logging my navigation solutions into the positions.log file, this is 

StepLoggerClient does not log any file at all, rather it is StepLogger 
that logs stuff.

*I summarize some instructions: *

to the purpose of EvAAL we released two Android-based applications:
1) StepLogger: the GUI
2) StepLogger Client: a service generating fake positions. During EvAAL 
this application must be removed and replaced with you localization 
application acting as client for StepLogger.

  * In order to run StepLogger you have to copy the .ini file inside the
    Download directory of your mobile phone. After that, you can run the
    StepLogger following these
    Every time you press the blu button, Steplogger logs the file
  * If you run SteploggerClient you can start the fake localization
    system that generates fake positions. StepLoggerClient shows 2
    buttons "Start Logging Position" and "Stop Logging Position".
    Clicking on "Start Logging Position" StepLogger now will log 2 files:
      o buttonsPressed.log
      o positions.log

If you want to use you own localization application (the one you will 
use at EvAAL):

  * install StepLogger
  * (if installed) open StepLoggerClient and and click on "Stop Logging
    Position." In order to be 100% sure, you can also un-install
  * Install your own localization application and run it
  * open StepLogger, add the name of the competitor and press the first
    blue button
  * explore the directory where Steplogger logs the files and double
    check that StepLogger logs the two files:
      o buttonsPressed.log
      o positions.log

Some notes:
1) Be sure that your mobile phone runs : StepLoggerClient *OR *you 
localization application. I never tried having two clients for 
StepLogger running at the same time.
2) From your email I understand that you run you localization 
application + StepLoggerClient + StepLogger
3) Code you localization application so that it is possible to stop the 
localization system and hence it is possible to stop the invocations to 
the methods in the AIDL interface
4) I tested StepLogger and StepLoggerClient with Nexus 4, Xiami MI2 and 
with Sony Xperia X2 as well as with Samsung Tablet (even if this last is 
not allowed at EvAAL since it is a tablet)

I attach to this email a simple INI file to copy inside the Download 
folder of your mobile phone. Again, check these 
section 2.1

Let me know.


Il 02/10/2015 08:36, liyou331 ha scritto:
> Dear Software Manager,
> I am a competitor who will attend EvAAL at IPIN 2015 (track #1). Now I 
> face a problem about the software:
> I have added the StepLoggerClient into my project and now it work well 
> on logging my navigation solutions into the positions.log file, this 
> is good.
> My problem is with the StepLogger APP. I can open it and set the 
> competitor ID, then it comes to the blue GUI that have a “1” on it. At 
> this time, if I click the screen, the screen will turn from blue to 
> green and then the APP will crash.
> I have tried several ways, like: 1) first run my project with 
> StepLoggerClient, then run the StepLogger APP; 2) first run the 
> SteoLoggerClient APP, then run the StepLogger APP; 3) just run the 
> StepLogger APP, and 4) first run the StepLogger APP, then run the the 
> SteoLoggerClient APP or my project with StepLoggerClient. But 
> everytime I met the same problem: the StepLogger APP will crash 
> imediately when I click “1”.
> I have tested two phones: one Xiaomi 4 and one Samsung Galaxy 4. They 
> have the same problem.
> So I am not sure whether if there is anything wrong in my opreation, 
> or a bug in the StepLogger APP. Could you please check it for me? 
> Thanks very much!
> Best regards,
> You
> You Li | PhD Candidate| Mobile Multi-Sensor Systems Research Group
> Department of Geomatics Engineering | University of Calgary
> GNSS Research Center | Wuhan University
> Phone: 587. 891. 8432 <tel:587.%20891.%208432> |liyou331 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:liyou331 at gmail.com>
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