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liyou331 liyou331 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 08:36:14 CEST 2015

Dear Software Manager,

I am a competitor who will attend EvAAL at IPIN 2015 (track #1). Now I face a problem about the software:

I have added the StepLoggerClient into my project and now it work well on logging my navigation solutions into the positions.log file, this is good.

My problem is with theStepLogger APP. I can open it and set thecompetitor ID, then it comes to the blue GUI that have a “1” on it. At this time, if I click the screen, the screen will turn from blue to green and then the APP will crash.

I have tried several ways, like: 1) first run my project withStepLoggerClient, then run theStepLogger APP; 2) first run the SteoLoggerClient APP, then runtheStepLogger APP; 3) just runtheStepLogger APP, and 4) first runtheStepLogger APP, then run thethe SteoLoggerClient APP ormy project withStepLoggerClient. But everytime I met the same problem: theStepLoggerAPP will crash imediately when I click“1”.

I have tested two phones: one Xiaomi 4 and one Samsung Galaxy 4. They have the same problem.

So I am not sure whether if there is anything wrong in my opreation, or a bug in theStepLogger APP. Could you please check it for me? Thanks very much!

Best regards,

You Li |PhD Candidate|Mobile Multi-Sensor Systems Research Group
Department of Geomatics Engineering | University of Calgary
GNSS Research Center | Wuhan University
Phone:587. 891. 8432|liyou331 at gmail.com
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