[evaal contest] Technical details about integration with the evaluation system

Dario Salvi dsalvi at lst.tfo.upm.es
Thu Jun 2 15:01:06 CEST 2011

Dear competitors,

first of all I would like to express my congratulations for being part 
of the first EVAAL competition about indoor localization.

I am member of the technical committee and I am working on the technical 
integration of the competitors' systems into a common evaluation system 
for storing the localization data and comparing them.

We have developed an integration package that should be extremely easy 
to program, but before distributing it we would like to ask you a couple 
of questions to assess if we need to give more support.

We suppose that your system has some "node" that generates the 
localization data (the x,y coordinates) and this node is a PC (or a 
laptop, tablet, etc. something where a java virtual machine can run on).

1) is this situation true? Do you actually have a PC where you can 
program the integration with our system?

2) what is your favourite programming language?

3) how would you rate your experience in Java (0: none, 10: expert)

4) what is your favourite integrated programming environment ?

5) how would you rate your experience in programming in Eclipse (0: 
none, 10: expert)

After this short survey we will communicate you the details about the 
integration, so that we can negotiate in case there are some difficulties.

Thanks very much for your collaboration.

Best regards,

Dario Salvi
Universidad Politècnica de Madrid

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