Sensing: this theme covers the aspects of collecting any kind of information from any relevant place (in-body/on-body, in-appliance/ on-appliance) or environment (home, outdoor, vehicles, public spaces, etc.). This information may be a simple one (for example the temperature in a room), or an aggregate of simple information (for example the position of a user).

A contest related to this topic has taken place in 2011 and was a success. With nine subscribing competitors and seven of them taking part to the competition in its first year. It required a great expense of effort from involved partners, plus a noticeble effort from TSB (which has no effort in T8.5). About a dozen people worked full time for four days during the competition, plus all the time needed to prepare it and the time that will be needed for presenting its results.

It was stated that EvAAL is worth continuing, because we had to opportunity to try the universAAL software in the field (we also discovered an elusive bug) and the competitors were satisfied. We take this as a hint that we are on the right road to the expected goal of creating a scientific community around methods for evaluating AAL systems and methods.

It is reasonable to continue next year with a localisation track like this year, building on our experience and on the name that we are
hopefully creating.

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