The Special Theme Competition Chair(s) (briefly CC) are appointed by the SB to lead the formation and running of the technical program. Criteria for selection include balancing geographical and technical factors. The CC are appointed by the SB for a one-year term.

The roles and responsibilities of the CC(s) can be summarized in:

  1. Identify the members of the Scientific Committees of the Special Theme Competition. This should be done by consultation with the previous year’s organizers, the SB to include only those members who have been participating actively in the process of scientific evaluation of the competitors and of the competing artifacts.

  2. Lead the effort (together with the Scientific Committee and the General Chair) to prepare the Call for Special Theme Competition

  3. Define the criteria for competitors’ selection and get concurrence of the General Chair and the Steering Committee.

  4. Organize the reviewing process with a goal of avoiding deadlines around major holidays (Christmas, New Year or any holiday in the host country).

  5. Maintain a list of reviewers (name, affiliation, addresses, etc.)

  6. Give periodic reports to the General Chairs on the status of the submissions and review process

  7. Inform the General Chair and the Steering Committee of the results of the review and the preliminary selection.

  8. Inform potential competitors of their acceptance and the procedures to their final participation to the competition.

  9. If the competitors have to pay a fee to participate, the CC make the final selection of the participants in conjunction with input from the Finance Chair and in consultation with the General Chair (so that only the competitors that have paid the registration fee will be included in the final program).

Finally the CC should also organize the competition session. This includes:

  1. Defining the spaces and logistics requirements of the special theme competition and ensure that these requirements are met by the local organizers.

  2. Develop the benchmarks to be used in the competition, with the help of the scientific committee and in accordance to the GC.

  3. Implement (with the help of the scientific committee) the benchmarks and suitable tools necessary to run the competition and distribute the tools and competition guidelines to the competitors.

  4. Maintain a repository of the competition outcomes.

  5. Reports monthly on the progress of the preparation.

  6. Prepare a final report on the Special Theme competition for the SB.

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