EvAAL is run by a Steering Board, which organizes the competition periodically.

The Steering Board collects all the submissions to the call for ideas, and selects a number of special theme competitions. The selection is based on the quality of the submission, on the feasibility of the organization plan, on the availability of resources, on the scientific reputation of the proposers, on the possibility of recruiting the chair of the special theme competition, as well as other volunteers, to form the final Scientific Committee of the special theme competition

All the people taking part to a Scientific Committee are volunteers.

The Steering Board establishes one Special Theme Chair and one Scientific Committee for each special theme competition, whose first role is to prepare a call for special theme competition. The Steering board then collects all the calls for special theme competitions into the call for competition, which is disseminated through all the available channels.

At the same time the Steering Board nominates the General Chair and the Organizing Committee of the competition.

The General Chair has the role of coordinating the Scientific Committees and the Organization Committee to ensure the success of the competition, while the Organizing Committee is responsible for the logistics issues of the whole competition.

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