The general chairs are appointed at least 18 months before the competition by the SB. Criteria for selection include balancing geographical and technical factors. The General Chairs are appointed by the SB for a 21-month term (18 months before the competition and 3 months afterwards). One of the general co-chairs should be member of the SB.

The general chair(s) has (have) the ultimate responsibility for the success or the lack of thereof of any given competition in terms of 1) technical quality of the competition (and of the competing artifacts), 2) quality of the organization, 3) number of attendees and 4) satisfaction of the participants.

The main role of the general chairs is to be the focal point for all contacts regarding the competition internally, i.e., for the various committees, as well as with the outside world. In addition, he/she works to:

  1. Work with the SB and Advisory Council to establish the Organizing Committee for the conference.

  2. Raise funds (in coordination with the Finance Chair and the Steering Committee)

  3. Help the Scientific Committees and their chairs to prepare with the Organizing committee the Call for Special Theme Competitions and approve it for their public release within the Call for Competition.

  4. Corresponds, either directly or through an authorized delegate, with the various competitors and participants

  5. Approves financial plans and major changes in expenses in consultation with the Registration and Finance Chair.

  6. Helps the Organizing Committee in preparing the reception of the participants

  7. Helps the Publicity Chair in organizing the publicity for the event.

  8. Reports quarterly on the progress of the preparation.

  9. Prepare the letters needed for visa requirements for competitors or attendees who may need them.

  10. During the competition, the General Chair should enlist all efforts to ensure smooth running of the conference.

  11. Submits a written final report to the SB after the conference.

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