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Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Fri Aug 23 12:40:14 CEST 2019

>I know that one member of the competing team is required to register to the
>IPIN conference, specifying that the registration is linked to a
>competition track.
>One member of our team, Imran Ashraf, submitted conference paper and it was
>And he registered full registration about his conference.
>In this case, do one member of our team need to register full registration
>for competition?


the full registratiopn of your team member Imran Ashraf covers his
submitted paper and the participation in the competition provided the
paper describes the competing system.  You find details at

>>What is mean that specifying that the registration is linked to a
>competition track.

It means that Imran Ashraf should let the track chairs know (by private
mail) that he is a member of your team and that he has made a full
registration to the conference.

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