[evaal contest] Fwd: Re: [IPIN2019] about StepLogger of Track1

Michele Girolami michele.girolami at isti.cnr.it
Tue Jul 9 13:32:00 CEST 2019






Dear Lee Yonghyun,

thanks for contacting us. StepLogger and SteploggerClient are available 
only for Android OS. You can find details of the software specifications 
for track 1 here <http://evaal.aaloa.org/2019/software-for-on-site-tracks>.

Btw let us know if you have specific requirements for you localization app.



Il 09/07/2019 10:34, Yonghyun. Lee ha scritto:
> Hello.
> I want to participate in track1 of IPIN2019 competition.
> I can not find a proper version of StepLooger for iPhone.
> Please Let me know about this.
> Thank you very much
> Best Regards
> Lee Yonghyun
Michele Girolami, PhD
ISTI – Area della Ricerca CNR
Via G.Moruzzi 1, I-56124 Pisa

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