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Dear Joaquin, Francesco,

Thanks for your response. Sharing data from 2018 competition would be highly appreciated.
However our question is a little bit wider. The data shared from 2017 and before editions are so called training and evaluation data. Training data contain Wi-Fi and other sensor readings plus true locations. That’s fine. The evaluation data don’t contain locations because the location should be estimated by the competing algorithm. That’s obvious. Our question was, could you please share the true locations for the evaluation data for 2018 and before editions?. This would help us to real test the performance of our algorithm on data from past competition editions and compare to other participants, especially to the winners.
Thank you in advance for understanding.

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>We have the question regarding off-line, smartphone based track. Is it 
>possible you to share ground true locations for previous contests 
>editions? Say for years 2015-2018?
>This would greatly let us challenge our solution against corresponding 


on http://evaal.aaloa.org you find data for past editions until 2017.
We are still working on publishing data for 2018, sorry about that.

Since you are specifically interested in smartphone off-site, you may want to ask for details to the Track 3 chair Joaquín Torres Sospedra <jtorres at uji.es>.


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