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Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (Impact Factor
1.298) accepted a thematic issue on “Evaluating Ambient Assisted Living
Components and Systems”.

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Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE)
Thematic Issue: Evaluating Ambient Assisted Living Components and Systems
Submission deadline : March 15th, 2014


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a research theme that is motivated by
socio-political issues deriving from the ageing population. It aims at
improving the quality of life of the elderly, by increasing their autonomy
in their daily activities, and by enabling them to feel secure, protected
and supported. AAL systems integrate a number of ambient intelligence
technologies (ranging from sensors and actuators to services and
intelligent algorithms that support the integration of such services) and
involve a number of activities that include sensing, acting, reasoning,
interacting etc. These activities are generally implemented by a number of
software components that, in turn, are incorporated into a number of
devices spread in the environment, such as sensors, appliances, domotic
devices, smartphones, etc. As a result AAL systems are complex distributed
systems that make use of distributed middleware platforms to support
communication and integration of the different components.

In this scenario, recognized evaluation methods are essential to compare
different AAL solutions and to enable researchers to objectively assess the
new state of art contributions. However, the complexity of AAL systems
makes their assessment difficult, and the evaluation approaches tend to be
subjective, piecemeal, or both. To ensure the validity and usability of the
proposed systems, it is necessary to reach consensus on a set of standard
evaluation methods. However, as a consequence of their intrinsic
complexity, full AAL systems are hardly comparable, and, in fact, the
evaluation of such systems is a challenging problem that is still far from
being solved.
On this ground, the AALOA association (http://www.aaloa.org) has promoted
the EvAAL competition (Evaluating Ambient Assisted Living systems and
platforms, http://evaal.aaloa.org) that  aims at advancing the state of the
art in the evaluation and comparison of AAL platforms and architectures,
with the ultimate goal of assessing the quality of life and autonomy
granted to the users by such platforms. EvAAL aims at creating an
environment where interested stakeholders can compare their solutions, and
where the comparison of AAL systems may become feasible.

We encourage researchers and practitioners within the field of AAL, smart
environments, and ambient intelligence to submit a contribution to this
Thematic Issue.

This Thematic Issue welcomes the submission of original works addressing
components or services for AAL and their evaluation (with particular
emphasis to the used evaluation  methodologies, datasets and benchmarks
used for the evaluation). The contributions must have not been previously
published and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere,
however, proper extensions of preliminary papers appeared in conferences
are also accepted. In the latter case we request the authors to refer their
preliminary work in their submitted manuscript and to explain the main
differences in the text and in the cover letter.

Topics Include but are not limited to:
- Localization/navigation systems suitable for AAL, based on different
sensing modalities
- Activity recognition systems for AAL based on different sensing modalities
- Other components or services for AAL and their evaluation
- Creation and description of benchmarks for AAL components or services
- Creation and description of datasets for AAL
- Methodological papers that address the benchmarking and test
methodologies for AAL

Submission Guidelines
Contributions should be formatted according to the Journal of Ambient
Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE) guidelines (
and submitted on the JAISE submission site (
http://www.mstracker.com/submit1.php?jc=jaise). Authors must clearly
indicate in the cover letter their intention to submit their work to this
Thematic Issue.

Contributions must strictly be of at least 15 pages, and, ideally, they
should be no longer than 30.

Important dates
Submission deadline: March 15th, 2014
Notification:  September 15th, 2014
Expected publication: May 2015

Guest Editors:
Dr. Stefano Chessa. University of Pisa
Dr. Juan Antonio Álvarez-García. University of Seville
Dr. Paolo Barsocchi. ISTI-CNR Institute


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