[evaal contest] Announcements (was: EvAAL next steps and a sincere request for help)

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Tue Nov 26 19:08:42 CET 2013


thank you for the update.  Please keep us informed about Evarilos.

I profit from your message for some important announcements that are
related to the original topic of this thread.

First, we updated the EvAAL web site with the detailed results of the
last competition.  We still need to upload the photos and some other

Second, during the IPIN conference that was hels in Montbéliard at the
end of October, a representative of EvAAL was invited to present a
general keynote.  I made a presentation of EvAAL and its perspective.
The presentation will be polished and uploaded on the EvAAL web site,
but in the meantime you can find it at

Third, following to the IPIN conference, we are in contact with the IPIN
conference organizers to see if it is possible to colocate EvAAL with it
in 2014.  Since IPIN 2014 will be hosted in South Korea, we need
sponsorship from the IPIN conference and other sponsors, in order to pay
for the EvAAL organisers to fly there and organise the competition.
Should it turn out that this solution is too expensive and cannot be
sponsored, we will revert to the UPM living lab in Madrid.

Fourth and last, Stefano Chessa has resigned from his position at the
EvAAL steering board and I was elected as the new chair of the board.
Thank you Stefano for leading the EvAAL board since its birth, and to
making EvAAL what is today.

Will keep you all updated.

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>Dear all,
>I just want to inform you that we (as EVARILOS) will be involved in a
>similar event at IPSN 2014 during the CPS Week in Berlin in April 2014. The
>competition is organized by Microsoft Research (
>and we plan to use parts of the EVARILOS Benchmarking Platform to
>facilitate the evaluation of the competing systems. Depending on the
>discussions in EvAAL, we can check if there is possibility for extending
>this, but I can not give any guarantees, because despite we being involved
>in the organizing committee for IPSN 2014, the localization challenge is a
>Microsoft initiative and they have the last say.
>As for a workshop for a potential joint EvAAL/EVARILOS competition, we
>still entertain the idea of making it a virtual event using Google Hangouts
>on Air for the EVARILOS track.
>On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 11:10 PM, Juan Antonio Álvarez <jaalvarez at us.es>wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I agree with Mitja. Important conferences are included every year in the
>> budgets of research groups, a workshop such as the one suggested by Mitja
>> can be a good solution also for attract more competitors.
>> Best regards,
>> Juan.
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>> On 18 October 2013 16:39, Mitja Lustrek <mitja.lustrek at ijs.si> wrote:
>>> > The second track, to be held in Madrid, will be oriented towards
>>> reasoning
>>> > and context detection. We have thought about two possibilities
>>> > here:
>>> > - allow people to come with systems about localization and/or activity
>>> > recognition and measure the accuracy in detecting situations like
>>> "cooking",
>>> > "sleeping", "doing sport", "watching television" etc. Those situations
>>> are
>>> > detectable by knowing the location and/or by knowing the kind of
>>> > movements.
>>> >
>>> > - Make an offline competition about pure reasoning, where competitors
>>> are
>>> > given a data set of a 12h measurement session in the Living Lab with the
>>> > messages generated by the appliances of the lab (switches, electronic
>>> > equipment, doors etc.).
>>> There is also a third option, which I find attractive:
>>> We could hold a live competition in conjunction with an appropriate
>>> conference, such as Ubicomp, AmI, IE ... This solves the problem of
>>> travel,
>>> since the people likely to compete would also be likely to attend the
>>> conference anyway. If we allowed only equipment with a relatively short
>>> set-up time (say, an hour) and if the sequence of activities to be
>>> recognized were not long, we could squeeze half a dozen competitors in a
>>> day.  They could not use ambient sensors, but wearable sensors, cameras
>>> (of
>>> the regular and Kinect varietay), robots etc. are all still possible. The
>>> main reason this idea is cool is that it is interesting for spectators
>>> (thay
>>> can watch activities being recognized as the competition is in progress,
>>> we
>>> could have a live electronic scoreboard etc.).
>>> > We have to know where exactly the papers of the competitors will be
>>> > published.
>>> > For the place of the workshop, the most recent idea was to have it in
>>> > Madrid, just after the competition took place. In the case of the
>>> > Evarilos track, they were proposing a "virtual conference" (with people
>>> > connected on-line) so to avoid people from travelling. This could also
>>> > apply if we make the Madrid's track also off-line, but then the workshop
>>> > will be completely on-line and probably less interesting.
>>> Again, I suggest a workshop at some conference interesting for the
>>> competitors anyway. This may also solve the issue of the proceedings -
>>> depending on how the conference is organized.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Mitja
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