[evaal contest] EvAAL next steps and a sincere request for help

Juan Antonio Álvarez jaalvarez at us.es
Fri Oct 18 23:10:05 CEST 2013

Dear all,
I agree with Mitja. Important conferences are included every year in the
budgets of research groups, a workshop such as the one suggested by Mitja
can be a good solution also for attract more competitors.

Best regards,

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On 18 October 2013 16:39, Mitja Lustrek <mitja.lustrek at ijs.si> wrote:

> > The second track, to be held in Madrid, will be oriented towards
> reasoning
> > and context detection. We have thought about two possibilities
> > here:
> > - allow people to come with systems about localization and/or activity
> > recognition and measure the accuracy in detecting situations like
> "cooking",
> > "sleeping", "doing sport", "watching television" etc. Those situations
> are
> > detectable by knowing the location and/or by knowing the kind of
> > movements.
> >
> > - Make an offline competition about pure reasoning, where competitors are
> > given a data set of a 12h measurement session in the Living Lab with the
> > messages generated by the appliances of the lab (switches, electronic
> > equipment, doors etc.).
> There is also a third option, which I find attractive:
> We could hold a live competition in conjunction with an appropriate
> conference, such as Ubicomp, AmI, IE ... This solves the problem of travel,
> since the people likely to compete would also be likely to attend the
> conference anyway. If we allowed only equipment with a relatively short
> set-up time (say, an hour) and if the sequence of activities to be
> recognized were not long, we could squeeze half a dozen competitors in a
> day.  They could not use ambient sensors, but wearable sensors, cameras (of
> the regular and Kinect varietay), robots etc. are all still possible. The
> main reason this idea is cool is that it is interesting for spectators
> (thay
> can watch activities being recognized as the competition is in progress, we
> could have a live electronic scoreboard etc.).
> > We have to know where exactly the papers of the competitors will be
> > published.
> > For the place of the workshop, the most recent idea was to have it in
> > Madrid, just after the competition took place. In the case of the
> > Evarilos track, they were proposing a "virtual conference" (with people
> > connected on-line) so to avoid people from travelling. This could also
> > apply if we make the Madrid's track also off-line, but then the workshop
> > will be completely on-line and probably less interesting.
> Again, I suggest a workshop at some conference interesting for the
> competitors anyway. This may also solve the issue of the proceedings -
> depending on how the conference is organized.
> Best regards,
> Mitja
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