[evaal contest] New dissemination channel in twitter

Ma Pilar Sala Soriano msalaso at itaca.upv.es
Wed Jun 27 10:06:22 CEST 2012

Dear participants and EvAAL members,

EvAAL Competition has now a twitter account (@EvAAL_Comp) so we can share between all of us and with interested people how the preparations and competitions are going in real time :) We will be using the hashtag #EvAAL2012 for everything related to this year event. Also from the web site we will include the timeline for those that are not in twitter.

I would like to encourage you to use it and tweet about your experiences in preparing for the competition and competing, that would help a lot to get other researchers around the world as excited as we are about this competition! :D

Thanks and good luck!


Pilar Sala
Project manager


Univ. Politécnica de Valencia
Edificio G8 - Camino de Vera s/n
46022 Valencia

office:     +34 96 387 76 06
mobile:   +34 667 486 128
fax:         +34 96 387 72 79
e-mail: msalaso at itaca.upv.es<applewebdata://36C4E119-807A-4DD3-9047-C0DA648EF0F7/msalaso@itaca.upv.es>
skype user: msalaso

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