The first EvAAL competion is focused on indoor localization and tracking.

The main objective of the competitions organized by EvAAL is to enable the comparison of different localization solutions, by establishing suitable benchmarks and evaluation metrics.

The first EvAAL competition on localization and tracking for AAL system has taken place from July 27th to 29th.

Seven competitors have demonstrated their systems at the CIAmI Living Lab in Valencia (ES). Each had three hours to install their system, calibrate it, log measurements taken while an actor was moving along previously undisclosed paths in the living lab, unmount it and answer a short interview on the system's details.

Eight Evaluation Committee members plus four staff members were present during the two days and half of the competition, to gather all the information that is going to be used to compute the final scores.The first EvAAL competition will officially close at the AAL forum in Lecce (IT).

We start with a workshop on September 26th, which will include a series of short presentations by the competitors and the organisers, followed by a round table for freely discussing localization issues from both theoretical and implementation points of view. The winners will be announced and the awards given during the AAL forum social Networking Event, on the evening of the following day.

The partners of the universAAL consortium that were involved in organising the competition have offered the competitors a partial reimbursement of up to 800€ on their expenses for attending the workshop and the award ceremony.

The three winners will be given a plate each with the logos of EvAAL, CIAmI and universAAL.

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