Revision 3.9

IPIN competition interface

For official use at the IPIN competition you need a trial name.

For unofficial testing you can freely use the demo trial, either by writing your own tests or by running the demo program at your premises. Calling demo auto produces this output on your terminal. Calling demo interactive allows one to choose the timing by pressing Return at the terminal.

If you want to run demo with an API server at your premises, you need to download the API server source code and the demo configuration in the same directory, plus the Logfiles/01-Training/01a-Regular/T03_02.txt file taken from Indoorloc, to be put under a trials/ subdirectory.


You can find a browsable, interactive OpenAPI description and the API complete documentation (Markdown source).

Source code

Copyright 2021-2022 Francesco Potortì

The Python source code is released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 or later.