[evaal contest] clarifications for tracks 1 & 2

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Wed Aug 31 17:59:11 CEST 2016

Dear competitors in tracks 1 & 2,

Thos of you that will use the StepLogger Android application (all
competitors in track 1 and some in track 2) are strongly encouraged to
try it now and integrate it with your application, and signal any
problems to

 Michele Girolami <Michele.Girolami at isti.cnr.it>
 Nino Crivello <Antonino.Crivello at isti.cnr.it>

Here are some clarifications in response to questions from some of you:

The two files "buttonsPressed.log" and "positions.log" that are found at
<http://evaal.aaloa.org/images/evaal2015software/logs.zip> are examples
of the output from the StepLogger app.

As detailed in the formats for tracks 1 & 2 (see the PDF documents at
http://www3.uah.es/ipin2016/cfc.php), the actor will walk a path going
through a series of numbered marks stuck on the floor.  The markers will
be put in place by staff just before the competition.

Immediately after the competition, competitors will be individually
provided with all data, including the the ground truth (coordinates of
all markers) and the coordinates estimated by their system.  All data
will be published on the EvAAL web site, as we did in 2015 (see

All coordinates provided by the competitors must be provided to the
StepLogger through the AIDL interface in WGS84 coordinates (details at

We plan to restrict the area usable for the competition, which means
that we will not use the whole building.  This is to allow competitors
to survey the area with reasonable effort.  The exact area where the
path will possibly run will be defined shortly.  Right now, we can say
that this includes at least part or all of the corridors on all four
floors and the open area in the center at the ground floor, and that the
area will not exceed 20.000 square meters.

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