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Dear Prof. Potori,
Sorry, I didn't ask the question clearly.
In the 2nd question I meant that there are 9 test routes. How would the
score be constructed from these routes.

Best regards,
Yair Beer

On 16 August 2016 at 16:55, Francesco Potortì <Potorti at isti.cnr.it> wrote:

> >1. Would it be possible to use google's Slides for the presentation?
> The presentation site will be equipped with screen and projector, to
> which you can attach your computer.  If you need details about the
> availability of network connection, we'll have to wait for the local
> chairs to answer, which may take some time due to August vacations.
> >2. There are several test tracks. What is the score of the competition?
> >Averages of Q3s per track? Cumulative average?
> Each track will have its own ranking and awards.  The awards are
> indicated in the Call for competition at <http://www3.uah.es/ipin2016/
> cfc.php>
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