[evaal contest] Short paper camera-ready & copyright release

Kyle O'Keefe kpgokeef at ucalgary.ca
Mon Sep 28 16:05:18 CEST 2015

Thanks for letting me know. You were the first to submit. I will try to fix this asap this morning.  I will let you now when uploading is available.


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>Dear competition organizers
>In the e-mail notifying us of the short paper acceptance, is the line:
>"The camera-ready version due is October 1st, 2015 as is the Copyright
>Release form."
>When selecting to add the copyright release form in the EDAS system, I get
>the notification:
>"You must first register for the conference, but registration for the
>conference has not been opened."
>However, I already registered for the conference a good while back. I
>believe the connection between registration and the EDAS system may have
>been closed. Additionally, there is no link for 'final manuscript', which
>also reads 'no registration'.

Rafael, thanks for signaling.  After yours, I also got notice of other
competitors having a similar problem.

We are looking into this and will notify the outcome on the list as
soon as we solve it.

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