[evaal contest] Preparing for the competition

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Tue Sep 15 14:39:37 CEST 2015

Dear competitors, all,

inline you find some clarifications and additions to my previous email:

>this year the EvAAL competition has 11 competitors in 3 tracks.
>In order to facilitate the logistics and the organisation of the
>competition we ask the competitors to:
>- check the competitors webpage at
>  <http://evaal.aaloa.org/current-competition/competitors-loc2015> and
>  let us know if all is ok; for those who have not done so, please send
>  us the team name and possibly a logo

The next two points are relative to the on-site competitions only
(tracks 1 & 2).

>- let us know as soon as possible of things you may need in Banff during
>  the competition and you cannot bring with you while travelling; we
>  will try to find a solution 
>- look at the specifications of the StepLogger app at
>  <http://evaal.aaloa.org/current-competition/software-specifications-for-competitors>
>  and follow the instructions for the integrating your software with it;
>  please go trough the instruction page and double check everything;
>  please send us feedback about how successful the integration is for you

- as far as the on-site tracks are concerned, note that the path will go
  through separate buildings (two or three), so part of the path will be

- as far as the first track is concerned (smartphone based), we will
  have about 20 BLE beacons installed in the competition area

>- let us know of anything you find unclear or missing on the EvAAL site.
>Let's work together to make a successful EvAAL 2015

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