[evaal contest] news and clarifications (with addition)

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Fri Jun 5 14:02:11 CEST 2015

Dear competitors,

this is the same news and clarifications as I just sent, with an
additional number 0 about the competition area.

0. Competition area

The competition area will span three buildings close to each other.  The
maps we are providing detail the whole outdoor area and the single
indoor areas we use for each building.

1. BLE beacons

We will have some BLE beacons put in strategic points around the
localization area, which will be useful for competitors in track 1.  We
will give the positions of some of them, but track 1 compeititors are
advised to perform a survey on their own the day before the competition.

2. Survey of the area

The phrase in the technical annex "The only information the competing
systems can gather on the environment is the presence of Wi-Fi spots
installed in the area" is confusing and will be deleted.  Competitors
can survey the area the day before the competition in order to gather
info about wifi AP, BLE beacons, map checks and so on.

3. Usable sensors

Competitors in track 1 can use any sensors available on their commercial
smartphone (not tablet), and nothing more.

Competitors in track 2 can use MEMS sensors mounted on the feet, and
nothing more.  They can use a smartphone, tablet or notebook to control,
monitor and process the data coming from the foot-mounted devices.

Please use the list for asking info and iscussing issues of interest of
all competitors, or write to <info at evaal.aaloa.org> or me for private

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