[evaal contest] starting point, survery and measurement procedure

Francesco Potortì Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Wed May 27 17:15:31 CEST 2015

Dear competitors,

here are some clarifications to the technical annex


We will provide a detailed map of the area, one map for each floor where
the competition takes place.  The maps will have coordinates.  The
coordinates of the starting point for the path walked by the actor will
be provided the day of the competition.  You will have at least a full
day before the competition to survey the area yourself, take
measurements where needed and make measurements of the wifi signals.  We
may provide BLE beacons in the area.  The area may span more than one
building, in this case the path will be mostly indoor and partly


As stated in the technical annex, you can use any sensor available in
your phone.


A number of markers will be put on the floor.  The actor will walk a
path passing by all markers.  Your phone will be running your
application as a service, while the measurement app will run in the
foreground.  The actor will press a button on the measurement app each
time he passes over on marker.  We estimate that a trained actor will
provide marker timestamps with an error less than 250 ms in time and
less than 0.5 m in space.  While walking the path, actors will sometimes
make an error, like forgetting to press a button: in this case the test
will be stopped and repeated from the start.  You are advised to follow
the actor during the path, so you can check that everything is well.
You cannot tune your application after the official start of the
competition.  However, if you notice that things are clearly going wrong
in your app (crashing, for example), you may ask for a second chance,
which will be normally given if time permits.  In any case, the path
will be run twice for all competitors, and the best result will be

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