[evaal contest] Evaluation / Time synchronisation

Stefan Knauth stefan.knauth at hft-stuttgart.de
Thu Sep 22 11:45:34 CEST 2011

Dear EvAAL competition evaluators,
Dear Competitors

(via Contest mailing list)

Yesterday we (the iLoc team) received the data used for evaluation, 
together with the evaluation code.

When running the evaluation using the timestamps given in the files 
provided by the email, obtained scores were more or less zero for all

The reason is a time mismatch between our system and the evaal system of 
50 seconds.
This can be easily seen for example in the AOI data, where the iLoc 
reported AOIs appear 50 secs later than the expected AOIs.

We request to take into account a time shift of 50 seconds,
with respect to the data received in the mail from Sept 21, i.e. to 
rerun the evaluation and add 50 seconds (i.e. 50000 msec) to the "Start 
timestamp" and "Stop timestamp" values.

I don't know how the obtained time mismatch was induced.

The system is installed for 2 years now at the iHomeLab and runs there 
with a typical delay of less than 0.5 seconds. Also during the setup in 
Valencia, we tested the system and the AOI detection, and a delay of 50 
seconds would obviously have been realized by us.

Best regards,

Stefan Knauth / iLoc Team

Prof. Dr. Stefan Knauth
Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences - HFT Stuttgart
Faculty of Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics
Schellingstr. 24
D-70174 Stuttgart

mail  : stefan.knauth at hft-stuttgart.de
phone : +49 711 8926 2966
cell  : +49 179 2932 009

Am 21.09.11 15:15, schrieb Stefano Chessa:
 > I send you the logfiles and the software used to perform the evaluation.
 > With these data you can, if you wish, evaluate your own score regarding
 > availability and accuracy.
 > I apologize for sending this material so late, our initial plan was 
 > all of this material much earlier than the EvAAL workshop, so that each
 > competitor would have had time to check his own score. However many 
 > (included even software bugs) delayed us too much.
 > Please note that each competitor is, in this phase, granted access to its
 > own data, but we will put all the logs of everybody on the EvAAL website
 > soon after the workshop and the prize awarding.
 > If you test the program and you find bugs or other issue I ask you to 
let us
 > know as soon as possible.

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