[evaal contest] Required information from/for competitions

Juan Pablo Lazaro Ramos jplazaro at tsbtecnologias.es
Thu Jul 21 12:29:28 CEST 2011

Dear competitors,


Three issues:


-          Find attached an Excel file that we want you to fill with
information about any device that you plan to plug into the Ethernet network
at the Living Lab here in Valencia. There is a free comment place where you
can ask about fixed IP or any other requirement you may have. The sooner the
better in order to prepare and configure the network. It is important both
for PCs and localization artifacts (beacons, etc

-          A competitor String has been assigned to you. By using it, the
“Evaluation Software” (the software that collects your samples and
calculates the error and points you get) will be able to recognize you.
Please use that string in order to make the installation easier. If you
can’t do it, don’t worry we’ll manage once you arrive.


Competitor’s strings (please take yours):
"AIT";"CapFloor";"GEDES-UGR";"iLoc";"n-Core Polaris";"OwIPS";"SNTUmicro";


-          And third, in the test about Areas of Interest (AoI), we would
appreciate if you could identify the fact of not being at any AoI with the
“0” (zero), since we expect an Integer. Anyway, if you have already done it
using “NULL” it is ok, we can manage it. For any other ID, we would need
some small adaptation here, that will take some time.


Looking forward to seeing you next week in Valencia.


Juan Pablo Lázaro and Ángel Martínez


Technologies for Health and Wellbeing
Juan-Pablo Lázaro-Ramos
CSO Chief Science Officer
Ronda Auguste y Louis Lumiere 23, Nave 13
Parque Tecnológico de Valencia
46980 · Paterna, Valencia · Spain
Mobile: +34 682 148 130
Tel: +34 96 182 71 77
Fax: +34 96 182 94 15
jplazaro at tsbtecnologias.es
 <http://www.tsbtecnologias.com/> http://www.tsbtecnologias.com 
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